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Mission New Generation Computers opened on 20 February 2002 , a trader for the computer and Printer sales and are currently busy trading in all aspects of the computer support related products. New Generation Computers have a balanced staff for computer support . We specialize in servers and networking, infrastructure, including consulting, planning, implementation and maintenance of system software, backup solutions, web sites and office as well as home users solutions. Client service Our many years of exposure to this region and our progressive product adoption have delivered us a good business opportunity and a diversification of customers. Areas where we did electronic installations over the past 15 year’s include: • Northwest Government organisations. • Upgrades, repairs and additional replanning of office systems . • Large and medium office . Server application and data backup systems . • Print invoice / receipt / quotation / order books . • Many more computer -based work Where can we help? We make your office fell like your home . We ensure that all your IT and office systems are a satisfaction and you have peace for your mind. We provide : • Regular Data Backups • Swift networks • Software and hardware solutions • Hardcover solutions ( Print of receipt / quotation / invoice / Posters / " Fliers " and many more ) • Websites • Purchases of hardware / software . And repairs. Where is NGC? Where is New Generation Computers .. Schweizer Str.24, Schweizer-Reneke, Northwes Province, South-Africa. Tel: (053) 963 1604 , Cel: (082) 370 2686 / (073) 168 8194, Sales / General: NGC on Google Maps below.

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